Journey to our Children

"If you can'?" said Jesus,"EVERYTHING is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23

Donavan's adoption finalized

Well where do I start. As of 11am yesterday 4-30-10 we were handed the final order for Donavan's adoption. It is finished. It is hard to believe. As I watched God's hand move yesterday, it was as though I was living in a dream. I have to say thank you so much to our parents who were with us for support! Thank you to all those who have walked and prayed through this journey with us. Here are some pictures!!


Well we actually started this journey February 2005. This is when we received a packet in the mail for no reason with pictures of children in the state system in need of adopted families. Now I will say that two days prior, my husband and I saw a billboard with a child's picture needing a forever family; this is what God used to spark the interest. That is when Darrin and I started discussing in extent about adoption. We spent alot of days together in prayer and seeking Gods confirmation. We did not want to walk into something just based on an emotion that would change. We needed to know this was God's purpose for us. We are unable to have children of our own; and honestly up to this point we were very content in our marriage. Then God decided this was the path He wanted us on. March of 2005 we contacted our local Department of Social Services and requested information. We had our application,fingerprints, references, pictures, along with background information finally turned in by May of 2005. So we have been on this journey for over 3 years. Now I must say 8 months was spent in building a house due to the trailer we lived in just would not pass all the fire codes. I must say God has taught us a great deal through this process. We have learned so much from the people God has put in our path to help us, encourage us, and pray for us. Most of all Darrin and I have become much more dependant on the Lord Jesus. It can be very discouraging at times than at others it can be the most rewarding thing you could experience. My husband has said we have been pregnant waiting on our children for such a long time that as they walk through our door for the first time we are not going to know how to act!

Meet our Dogs

Meet our Dogs:

The Black Dog is Cole. I guess you could say he is the lead.
The Brown Dog is Duke. I guess you could say he is the loyal but not very smart one.

Then there is LITTLE BIT. Yes you guessed it; she is the one under the covers on the couch. From her point of view she does not believe she is a dog.

Cole and Duke

Cole and Duke

Little Bit

Little Bit