Journey to our Children

"If you can'?" said Jesus,"EVERYTHING is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23

Donavan's adoption finalized

Well where do I start. As of 11am yesterday 4-30-10 we were handed the final order for Donavan's adoption. It is finished. It is hard to believe. As I watched God's hand move yesterday, it was as though I was living in a dream. I have to say thank you so much to our parents who were with us for support! Thank you to all those who have walked and prayed through this journey with us. Here are some pictures!!


HAPPY EASTER!!! Well it has been a while. It seems like we stay so busy anymore. Here is an update: 4-30-10 @ 9:30am at the Charleston Court house we go before the judge and finalize Donovan's adoption !!!! It will be complete that day. We just have to wait in the new birth certificate. It is hard to believe God has us this far. Please pray for us this is a very busy month along with alot of different aspects of our life coming into a transition. Darrin has gone through so much this past year since the 1st accident. 4-15-10 we have an appointment with a specialist please pray he puts all the pieces together. Chris is facing alot this month also. He has a 4 day hearing coming up in which he testifies( the same week of Donovan's final adoption). Please pray for him also. He has had some difficulty facing this. He truly needs a change of heart with God to help him heal. He is a good kid with issues starting to surface especially this past month with facing the upcoming trial. Please pray for him to speak the truth nothing more or nothing less. Some of this truth he is having to face the first time for himself. Well the rest of the family is doing well. Mom is getting older! ha ha Mike is working as usually. George and Cheryl are loving the whole camp ground scene!! It is hard to believe Darrin and I started this journey over 5 years ago! So much has changed in our lives, in us. God has taught us so much, most of all He is in control even when we can not see or understand our circumstance or what the future holds. He is soverign we only need to hold on to Him and trust in His amazing loving merciful love and plans for good. Please continue to pray for us!!! love you all.



Wow it is hard to believe this year is almost over. Donavan is now 18 months old. I can't wait to see him and Chris Christmas morning!!! Well we are signing final adoption papers on Donavan after 1-5-10. It should be that week. FINALLY!! He has grown so much.. He is in to everything. After signing it has to be filed in Columbia than we put in for the final adoption court date in Charleston which should be done in about a month or so after recieving the papers back from Columbia. It has been a long journey to get to this point with him!! Well got news today from Chris's adoption worker she is getting things together like pulling our homestudy and preparing the pre-adopt papers for us to sign on CHRIS!! Chris is a wonderful 12 year old. He tries so hard. I so want so many things for him out of life far more than what he went through his first 12 years. He absolutely loves detail with models. He is working on a model airplane that Aunt Pat brought him. It is made of wood and very delicate. It has given him a run for his money!! Which says alot. Of course we feel there is a 3rd child somewhere for to also adopt. Not sure what God will send whether a girl or a boy. Somewhere along the line we would like a girl to adopt. Just not a crazy one(ha ha ha) Well Darrin is still going through so much since the surgery. It seems as though it has been an extreme up hill battle. He has had so many set backs. I have so respect and love for him. I am not sure the path God is laying out for Darrin and our family other than the kids. However as much suffering as this year has brought and set backs God has given us a loving family, support from our parents, and loved ones like Aunt Pat, along with others. I am unable to discern the path God is taking Darrin which in turn effects us as a family but Somewhere, Somehow, God has above and beyond we could ever dare to think or imagine ahead of us. He is good and has not failed us. Please continue to pray for us. Love you all more than you know! Dobin


Good morning everyone. Just wanted to give a quick update. We had court yesterday @2:30pm. The judge ordered to terminate the unknown father. YEAH!! There was a little bit of confusion reguarding the waiving of the 35 day grace period after the hearing. So it looks like as of right now we will have to wait the 35 days before proceeding. However God knows what is in our best interest and we have been brought this far by God. After the 35 days we meet with Donavan's adoption worker and sign finally adoption papers. Then we take it to our lawyer and he will request a final adoption hearing through Charleston County. Which usually only takes a couple of weeks. They are much quicker!! As of right now it looks as though it maybe the first of the year before the adoption is finalized not sure though. You have to always take into consideration God's plan. Well I can't stay long. Mom, Donavan, and I are going to the Holiday market at the Collisuem today. Wanting to leave by 8am. Anyone who knows me; knows I absolutely love the holidays and everything about it!!! Please continue to pray for us and Darrin's healing. It is taking much longer than expected and unprecedented! Chris is doing great. We are trying to work to get his grades up. He got so far behind last year. He tries so hard. I'll try to get some pictures posted over the weekend!! Love all


Well it is hard to believe it has been 6 months since I posted last. For those who did not know we cut our budget alot and one of those was the internet. I do not do alot with it however I did miss it none the less. Well tommorrow is the last TPR court for the unknown father of Donavan. We have already signed preadopt papers back in June. They are pushing for the Judge to waive the 35day grace period so we can go ahead and sign finally adoption papers and request a hearing for the final adoption. So hopefully God will allow us this blessing to flow through. Alot has happened since last posting. Darrin was hurt really bad on the job back in May. He had a multilevel spinal fusion with titanuim plates in his neck done back in August. Today we see his neurosurgeon. I trully do not know how that will go but God is faithfull!!!! Zack returned home in July. I do miss him but he does call about every other week. He also comes and spends the weekends with us every now and then. We have a new member to our family and he arrived in June. His name is Chris. He is twelve. He is doing wonderful and Donavan loves him to death!!! What is amazing he looks just like Darrin and myself. Most know Donavan is adopted but assume Chris is our bio-son. Isn't that Ironic!! It is amazing what people will assume by just a glance when Donavan is more our son in bonding. Love them both very much though. Mom is doing ok. She has had multiple eye surgeries with in the past month also. One an emergency which occured while we had to go to GA. for funeral. Darrins aunt pasted. Not sure how much sight if any mom will get back. Hopefully enough to read with. She does love her books. Mike my dad did a wonderful job taking care of her. Well I guess that is enough for right now. I'll post again with other info later. Please continue to pray for us!! Love Dobin


Hi everyone!! Well Darrin's birthday was this weekend. It was on Sunday but we celebrated Saturday. Mom, Mike, Cheryl, and George all came over. We cooked a big pot of Frogmore Stew. Then had cake and presents. Darrins is officially 43 years old now. Today was the goodbye visit for the bio-mom to see Donavan and she did not show. I must say I have mixed feeling about it. We had sent word that if she wanted to write a letter to Donavan when he was much older if it was appropriate we would give it to him. I wanted him to be able to ask questions and find answers when he got older. I know how it feels not to know or be able to ask. However God allows everything to happen for a reason. This is probably far better in someway for him. The next thing was I wanted her to have closer. Darrin and I talked about it and he said she come to terms that day at court and it was probably far harder to try and see him again. That is that! I did find out that the paperwork has been submitted for the TPR court hearing request which will probably take a week or two before we know the court date. It could be in May or June. They are already publishing for the John Doe which has to be done for 3 weeks. After the TPR hearing we wait for the 30 days even though it is on a John Doe. Then we can petition for a court day to finalize the adoption. I have to say it will be weird not going on Mondays anymore for visitation after doing if for 10months. I think mom and I will still make it to the Coffee Shop for a routine social event! ha ha! Well Zack is doing great. We are still waiting for notification for a court date for him to return home. Not sure if his worker has it submitted yet. Savanah is a handful. It will be another week or so before they put in the paperwork for a court date for her to go home. She is starting to make progress though. Donavan is finally starting to take to her a little bit. Well that is about it. Please continue to pray for us. We have alot going on and a big load with many other things other than just this. So all the prayer you can give will be very appreciated!! Love you all. Dobin

4-16-09 Court Update

Well we got back from court not to long ago. Shall I say God's glory shined brightly. Court was about 45 minutes late which turned out to be God's direction. The bio mom showed up 10 min. late for court. Right before we were to go in she pulled Donavan's foster worker to the side for about 10minutes. She relinquished her rights today in court!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will have one goody bye visit supervised by DSS. As of today her rights are permenantly terminated!! I can't stay Its busy so I will post again in a day or so. Please continue to pray we still have to termninate the unknown father's rights!! Love you all


Hey everyone!! Wow it is hard to believe Donavan turned 10months Saturday. Would you like to know what his first word was? DA DA and he knows who that is!! Well I am hoping to start to be able to update more. Zack is doing absolutely great. I will surely miss him when he finally goes home. He has grown so much and is starting to have that teenage look now even though his birthday isn't til Nov. His parents just finished the last thing they had to do(I'm pretty sure they passed) If so he will probably go home the first or mid May. He has been with us 9months and you definitely get attached! Well here is the last with Donavan: We have a PPH Hearing at 3pm this Thursday before a judge. This is the first step in terminating rights. Dss is going to request the judge to suspend all visitation, terminate rights, and terminate all services to bio mom. It is very favorable!!! In fact the social worker already has most of the paperwork filled out to request the TPR Hearing one the order is in on Thurs. from the judge. Then we wait for about 2-4 weeks for the next hearing. Once that is done and the judge terminates rights there is a 30 day period then we have our lawyer start the process with getting a court date for the adoption finalization. While we are waiting on the 30 day period after the judge orders the termination is when we meet with Donavan's adoption worker and sign the adoption paperwork we have to take to our lawyer. Sound like a lot yet it is very nerve racking I must confess because each step is contingent on the other! Savanah our 6year old little girl is making progress. She will be with us a few more weeks. It sounds as though Zack and Savanah will leave about the same time. Well that is about it for right now. I'll try to post after the hearing Thursday to let everyone know how it goes. Please pray for us this is a very critical important step in getting started. Love to you all!!!


I know it has been a few months since my last post. God really had me stay kind of quit here lately. I hope all is doing well!! please keep us in your prayers they are planning to file the TPR in Donavan's situation next week. Please please keep us in your prayers!!! Zack is doing great!! yes we still have him. He has changed alot here lately going from the little boy to that teenager look. Zack has grown a head taller than myself!! Well we also have a 6 yearold little girl named Savanah now. She will be home from school here in about 2 miniutes. She is a true drama queen. God did so well putting her here and just working so well. (Other than brother sister stuff!! ha ha) She gives Zack a run for his money! She came Monday a week ago. Well that is about it right now. I'll post some recent pictures!


Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Life has been busy around here. I only have a few minutes this morning to post. Donavan is back a sleep; Darrin and Zack are hunting this morning. They should be back here very shortly. Our Christmas was wonderful. It was our first Christmas with children and God truly blessed us. Darrin is doing well (I will fill everyone in later on his spinal stenosis diagnosis). Well Zack is doing fine. He finally finished up his homebound tutoring afterschool this past week from missing so much from his surgery in October. He is very proud his grades are back up again. He has been such a joy to us and especially Darrin. Donavan is growing so fast. He will be 7 months old tomorrow. He truly has a personality. It amazes us to watch him. He loves Zack very much too!! Well the latest on Donavan: They decided to wait until March to pursue termination due to a delayed court date for biomom's treatment plan. She stil visits on and off however she still has not cleaned up her life yet. Her brother did move down and her mom is suppost to be down in Feb. I must say I'm not too comfortable with that. However I know God is good and faithful. He has all of this. Well I'm sure most are feeling the pressure of the economic downfall going on. Please know you are all in our prayers. We also ask you to keep us in your prayers. Darrin and I are facing alot with finances right now and the added pressures from Donavan's situation. Yet God keeps telling me to keep the faith and trust Him!!! Well Darrin and I are going to our first Foster Care Association meeting today. We are joining and we also get some of our training with them. Donavan will be going with us. He is still to young to know what they are speaking about. Zack will be spending several hours with mom today.(pray for her!!! ha ha ha) She loves him to death!! Zack was able to spend a few nights out at Darrin's parents over the holidays! He had a blast. Well got to go and get ready. Love you all!! Dobin


Well I know it has been a few weeks since I posted last. I must say I underestimated the holidays when you have kids.(my bad) Thanksgiving went very well for all of us. The grand parents came over and we had a very blessed Thanksgiving. I can not hardly believe Christmas is only several days away. We have had alot going on. Mom and Mike left this past Friday for a cruise. We were originally going with them and backed out at the last momemt. We felt as though God was up to something concerning Donavan's situation in which we needed to be here for however we do miss going also because there are 10 of my family going. I pray they will have an awesome time. Zack had his football banquet yesterday and he got his trophy. It went very well!!! Here is the update on Donavan: We met with the Adoption worker a little over a week ago. Since Donavan has been in our care over 4 months and we are already approved to adopt and want to adopt; he will automatically stay with us. Which was a relief since we thought we would have to go to placement committee!! We also found out that day that DSS can file a TPR(termination of parental rights) at 6mos if the bio-parents have done nothing. In this case they have done nothing. I talked to his Foster worker that day and she will be filing a TPR complaint next week!!!!!!!!! (Donavan turned 6mos 12-11-08) Please keep us in your prayers. After the TPR is filed then the Adoption worker will contact us to sign contracts on Donavan. In the mean time we will be waiting for a court date to go before the judge. They will serve the bio mom with the papers and we are praying she will not contest since she is not doing anything to get him back. So needless to say we are a bundle of nerves. Well that's the latest. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday. (Ps We did not get Christmas cards sent this year)

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Crossing Jordan
2. CSI
3. Reba
4. Food network Challenge
5. DR.G
6. Cold Case
7. Extreme Makeover
8. Bio

8 Things I did Yesterday:
2. Bible study
3. Took Darrin and Zack for haircuts
4. Wholly Ground Coffee shop
5. Went to Walmart
6. Went to Zacks football banquet
7. Came home and ate homemade deli sandwiches
8. watched tv

8 Things I look Forward to
1.Finalizing the adoption of Donavan
2. Weekends with Darrin
3. Christmas
4. Church on Sundays
5. sleep
6.parents getting home
7. going on a cruise with family
8. God's presence

8 Things I wish for:
2.Darrin relaxing
3. My parents to see Donavan grow up
3. Deep sense of constant intimacy with God (my flesh and emotions staying out of the way!)
4. Donavan to find God's purpose in life
5. A family cruise
6. To give Darrin a new pd for vehicle
7. Finalize adoption with Donavan before Christmas
8. Help more


Hi everyone! I must say this has been a very hard week in some ways and awesome in others. Well we found out that even though the recommendation board decided for the termination of rights immediately, DSS will not seek to terminate until Donavan is 1 year old. That will be 7months. In the mean time we will on pins and needles because that still allows time for a family member to step in. Please keep us in your prayers. Donavan only knows us as his parents so at this point in his life it would be detrimental. This isn't even talking about Darrin and I. On a lighter note Darrin has been in Penn. since Sunday. He is flying in tonight and we have to go pick him up. He went up for an instructor's and master installation course which in turns also makes him a consultant. It was extremely hard for him. They went through 26 chapters in the first 2 days. He probably got all of 15 hrs sleep for the entire week. God did it though! He had to score above 90%. He made a 96% on his test today!! Well Zack is doing great. He is officially 12years old now! He really was relieved to know he would be with us until at least the summer if not longer.

Love you all for your encouragement and support!!! Thank you so much!!


Well today has been trully exhausting and amazing. We went to the Review Board today in reference to Donavan. We were praying they would do a concurrent plan which means while the initial is reunification the Secondary is adoption. That would allow us to start the adoption process while in the waiting mode. Originally a child has to be in DSS care 15 months before they can legally have a biological parents rights terminated. However this is what our AWESOME GOD DID!! After all testimony was given at the hearing we were then addressed. We gave in detail of Donavan's wellbeing and devolpement. Then we informed them we were already approved through Region 3 Adoptions at DSS. We informed them of our Adoption worker's name and that we had all placements stopped. We explained we wanted to adopt Donavan as soon as he became legally free. At this point they asked us to step out. Aproximately 1 minute later we were asked to come back in for their official recommendation. Here it is: They recommended parental rights to be immediately terminated with no treatment plan allowance and for Donavan to become legally free as soon as possible for us to adopt!!!!!!!(this is very rarely ever done)

To God be all the glory
Now the next step is DSS has to petition a family court date to get a judge's approval of the recommendation to terminate rights since it is before the 15 months and an adoption refferal will be done and us start preliminary process for adoption. So the next significant date for us will be the Family Court date!!! It is up to the judge to say ok and terminate!!

Well this is about it for right now. Thank all of you for your love, prayers, and support!



DARRIN comes home today. We pick him up from the airport at 9pm. I sure have missed him. Zack has one more football game on Monday. Then his football season winds down. He also has his tonsils taken out next Wednesday also. I'm not sure which he is looking forward to more : eating ice cream or being out of school for a week! It looks as though he will be with us until Christmas. We are actually looking forward to the children being with us for Christmas this year!! I kinda got tickled watching the weather forcast for here today and Friday. Darrin has really not liked the cold nasty weather up there and is looking forward to being home. Yet he will be coming home to a very cold wintery front with rain coming in for tonight and tommorrow. We are having a cook out on Nov. 8 for Zack's 12th birthday. He should be able to eat cake by then. Darrin found out while in Canada he should be flying out again November 9th for 6 days to Penn. It is for an instructor's training. We also confirmed our appointment with the review committe about Donavan for Nov. 5 @10:30am. Well I'll let you all go. Love you please continue to pray!!


Hope everyone is doing well. It has been a busy week this week. We took Darrin to the airport on Sunday. He left for Canada. He says it is extremely cold up there. We will pick him back up late Thurs. night. I must say I miss him something fierce. Well That also put me taking our 11 year old Zack to his football practice and games while Darrin is gone. Zack had a game last night and I must say it was very cold!!!!! I had Donavan bundled up to the point he did not like it. Donavan has started teething and has been very grumpy these last couple of days. Plus he misses Darrin also. They usually lay together watching football at night. Donavan is growing so fast. He is already 15 pounds!!! Here is an update on Donavan: Mom showed up at the office 2 wks ago to schedule a visitation for the following Monday. They picked Donavan up and well she did not show again. His social worker came to do a home visit the very next day and we had a really good meeting. Basically she had plan to approach the mother at visitation about voluntarily Terminating her rights however she did not show. The flip side is that gives DSS more gun power to prove unstability and so forth. I also was informed we are going to the review hearing on NOVEMBER 5. That is where they will hear a panel of people involved with Donavan and their recomendations which will include: Dss social worker, guardian litems, service providers and us. At the hearing is where we let them know of our intentions to adopt if he becomes legally free. That has a huge impact on their decision. They look favorably on changing him to permanentcy when there is a family especially the foster family who wants to adopt and we are already approved. Then they will recess and come back in with their decision. The social worker recieved the paperwork of the aunt's case to do relative placement from her state closing the case. Please keep 11-5-08 in your prayers!!! That is it for now. Love you all


Wow I didn't realize it had been over a month since I last posted on the blog. Sorry about that. We have had so much going on plus trials and testing in the midst of everything. For the last month and a half we have had something bad happen. Everything from Darrin's car, house a/c, mom falling with coffee, mom falling at church, to Darrin and I both having walking Pnemonia. That is just the add in stuff to football pratice, football games, and school. So let's get everyone caught up!!! Thankfully God has brought us through all of this so far!!! Well Evan the 2year old went to live with his Grandparents a couple of weeks ago. Zack is doing very good in school. He made A's, B's, and 1 C that was a point off of being a B. That was his progress report. He is a wonderful 11 year old. Him and Darrin are 2 peas in a pod. Donavan will be 4 months old in a couple of days. He is doing absolutely wonderful. Here is the update with him: The aunt and her husband have decided not to seek placement of Donavan. The husband found out about the 10 week classes and said no! So that is awesome on our part. The mom has dissapeared and has not done a visitation in over a month. In another month or 2 they will do an accessment as to the "Plan Option" of Donavan's future. At first it is always reunification even if not. They have to first offer unless voluntary termination of parental rights. Donavan's social worker has petitioned to do a review at 6months or sooner if she can get everything together for it. Since the aunt has backed out and mom has not even tried or started her treatment plan then the "Plan Option" will change from "Reunification to Permantcy Placement(Adoption)" . At that point if no other family has stepped up then they will begin to terminate parental rights. That is when the Adoption worker will be assigned and we can step up to keep him. That's alot of info!!! Well I guess this will do for now. I won't wait so long to post again. Please Continue to pray for us. We love you all!!!!!!


Everything is going well here on the home front. We have been busy with school and all. Zack is doing very well in Middle School. We registered Zack in football last week. He started his practice last night. He has practice 3 nights a week and his first game is in 3 weeks. Zack has wanted to play for a long time it was his "Dream" so we were able to help him with that. He has never played before but seems very determined. He is truly a wonderful child. Evan is 2 years old. Evan does very well here. I am so glad we have a group of kids that work very well together. Donavan is still growing like a weed!!! Still waiting!!Every week we get a little good news about Donavan's situation. Mom has missed her last 2 visits with no call or anything. She just did not show which goes in our favor. The aunt is expecting to give birth to a baby in Sept. and she is unable to finish the 2 1/2 month class now to get her license to have Donavan placed with her. It has also been well over a month since she has called or emailed checking on Donavan so we just pray little by little it keeps moving in our direction!! Well Evan, Donavan, and I are heading over to mom's to clean so I will let you all go!! Continue to pray!!


Things around here have so busy and out of sorts. We got a phone call for three boys on Thursday night as an emergency removal. As Darrin says of course I am going to say yes. However, they removed the 5 year to another home on Friday because with the 2month (Donavan) that was 4 children (ages: 2months, 2years, 5 years, & 11)we did not have a large enough vehicle with all the car seats. So now there are 5 of us. We got the older boy registered for school yesterday and he starts Monday. I must say he is a sweetheart. Darrin and I were really concerned about taking in any children over 9years old but not now. He is truly a wonderful boy. We have not heard any new news on Donavan yet. He goes to the Doctor Monday for his 2month checkup and to get 4 shots. Monday will be very busy for me especially with Mom and Mike visiting Ga, 11 year old first day of Middle school, 2 year old with me and Donavan the baby getting his shots. Also we are all fighting a serious head cold. I wiped down all the walls and all toys with clorox and sprayed the entire house today. Well that is about it. Love to you all please keep us in your prayers



Hope all is going well for everyone. The last week has been full!! Mom's birthday was Thursday so we spent the day together. We had a great time. Then Saturday we had birthday dinner with my parents and Darrin's. My birthday was Monday, so it has been hectic. Darrin was orginially going to work that day but the "Butterbean" started to die on the side of the road about 15miles from the house. Long story short he made it home. He worked on it for the most of the day then he cooked me dinner for my birthday along with giving me 7 yellow roses, a birthday cake, and three cards (including one from Donavan). It was very special. Donavan is 2 months old today!! He is growing like a weed. No real news yet. Keep us in your prayers we are really attached now. Love you all


We went to the Coffee House tonight. It is called "Wholly Ground". It is really an amazing place. They play christian music and on Friday nights they have live music. So this is where you can usually find the three of us on Friday night. Here is a picture of Angie Scull ( Angie and Bill Scull own the Coffee shop) and she is holding Donavan. I must say she is truly an amazing Christian. She has one of the hugest hearts and truly loves Donavan dearly. Mr. Bill is pretty cool too. Darrin really likes him. They are wonderful loving Christian Friends. I truly love their coffee house. Darrin and Mr. Andy will be playing next Friday night. Well I'll let you guys go. Continue to keep us in your prayers and for God's mercy to adopt Donavan.


Wow it is hard to believe Donavan will be 7wks old Wed. He is doing so well. He has truly blessed our lives in so many ways. There are so many people that has been brought together to pray for him and us. I must say Darrin and I have been truly changed by this experience. I know God has great things in store for him. He looks far bigger in these pictures I took yesterday (notice the end table legs and it will put his size in more perspective). He is truly a wonderful and happy baby. We still have not heard anything yet as far as the Aunt and possible relative placement with her other than she has found out she is also pregnant now. That is a good thing for us. I am sure it is a blessing for her. Please continue to pray for us and God to do the impossible and clear the way for us to adopt him. We love you all and pray for God's blessing over you.


It has been a while since I last posted. I did not realize it had been that long. I tell you having an infant requires alot of time. Well Donavan had a doctor's appointment this week and he has gained some weight. He now weighs in at 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. He is finally out growing all his premie clothes. He is 5 wks today. Tomorrow I have to take Donavan to MUSC to have an ultra sound of his head and a picture of his ribs. Nothing major but he has a larger soft spot and his ribs on the left side looks as though he maybe one rib short. I also talked to his social worker today; she informed me that SC finally forward the paperwork to the state where the aunt lives. They will then do the fingerprint check, background, and a quick homestudy. It will be up to them to accept or deny her. A small bit of hope: The social worker found out that the aunt just found out she is exspecting (pregnant). That can make a big difference. They don't look highly on placing a baby in a home where there is another newborn on the way. It will just depend on how they look at it. Please remember the mother of Donavan in your prayers. She was released from jail a little over a week ago. They have set up a supervised visit for her with Donavan on Monday. However she has already returned to the house that is full of drugs; and of course DSS is highly upset. We have been praying for her. Well that is about it right now. Please continue to pray for us. I am going to try and get some photos put on the blog of Donavan soon. Love to you all!!!


Everyone is asleep but me tonight. It's my shift to be up with Donavan although he seems to be sleeping very good right now. It is almost time for his next bottle @11:30pm. Boy is he growing like a weed. He is doing very well. He is already holding up his head or at least trying. He has also started to try and roll over. He also smiles and sometimes laugh. He is much more alert now too. Still no word about his future yet. There are alot of people who are praying with us. This I am extremely greatful. Alot of the family knows, mom had to go to the hospital Monday afternoon. She has a severe intestional bug. They gave her lots of fluids, a very strict diet, and meds. They sent her back home late that day. She is doing much better. The last few weeks Mike and Darrin both had this same bug. It just hit her far harder since she is up in age. By God's grace Donavan and myself have not caught it. Thank you Lord!! Darrin has been such a tremendous help with Donavan. He tries to take over on the weekend at night and usually once during the week with staying up with him since he has his nights still mixed up. That way I can try to catch up on sleep. Of course he took off when mom went to the hospital and picked up Donavan. He still way too young to sit at a hopital with only being 3wks. He is still to vulnerable to catching something severe. Then that night I had a bad migrane so Darrin watched him during the night and got up with him during feeding times. I know I am truly blessed with Darrin. Well that is about it right now. Love you all and keep praying!!


Hope all is well with everyone. Donavan is doing very well. He has gained at least a pound. I must say he is growing like a weed. He is a very good baby. For the most part he got an excellent report from the Doctor this past Monday. He is developing fine. One main concern when a baby is born addicted to drugs sometimes gaining weight is very hard for them. Not Donavan though he is putting on weight as we write!!!! The doctor is scheduling an ultrasound of his soft spot on the top of his head. It still has a little more fluid than what the Doctors likes to see. So it is better to be safe than sorry especially sense the mother had no prenatal care or was seen by a doctor during her pregnancy. Well Donavan's social worker came out to do her monthly visit this past Thursday. She is extremely nice and just fell in love with Donavan. She did fill me in a little more as to the process of the out of state aunt trying to do a relative placement. Donavan's social worker received her paperwork Friday 2wks ago and forwarded it to the State's office for South Carolina. Then they forward it to the state office located in her state. Then they will proceed with all the background checks, fingerprints and home study. They will be the one to determine if she is approved. It could take up to 90 days. The state she lives in is far harder to get approved than here in South Carolina. So right now we just pray and wait to see what God will work out. Please keep us all in your prayers because 3 months with an infant is a lot of bonding time for us on our part. Well guess that is it for now!! Love you all


I talked to Donavan's Social worker late yesterday afternoon and she was able to give me some up to date info about Donavan's future. Right now she has recieved the paperwork from an aunt in Virginia requesting a relative placement with her. We have found in the past that usually goes through. So right now it looks as though Donavan is likely to placed with her. Of course there is always the possiblity it won't pan out but more than likely it will. Of course they know if it doesn't we want to petition to adopt. She is in the process of filing a TPR(Termination of Parental Rights). As of right now it won't take long before they place him depending on passing all the legalities. We are enjoying while he is with us. Continue to keep us in your prayers because that is the very thing that God gives us strength and hope to keep pressing on. Love you All!!


Well Donavan is doing very well so far. We took him to the doctor yesterday. She said he was doing wonderful. He has almost gained all of his weight back from his first weight at birth; he is only and ounce off. She also stated that he had recovered very well through the detox of the drugs. There are no more tremors finally. His eating has exploded today. We do not have any new info yet about his future. They just assigned his worker to him yesterday. I look to get a phone call in the next day or so to set up a visit and hopefully give us a little more info on his future. We are praying and hoping for God's will. We are loving and enjoying him for as long as God truly allows us. Keep us in your prayers and love you all.

Ps. I must say he has took off with our hearts!!


I only have a minute but I wanted to fill everyone in. They are bringing a 2 day old newborn boy today. In fact they should be arriving in less than 30 minutes. I must admit I am a little nervous. I do fine a year old and up but a newborn is going to be new territory for me. They are bringing him straight from the hospital. He tested positive for drugs so he will also be going through detox. Please keep us in your prayers. As soon as I can I will post his pictures. Love you all!!!

Boy's and Girl's Room

Well we have got the kid's rooms set up with a lot of help from family and friends. We still need to hang some pictures, odds, and ends but for the most part they are ready. Aunt Pat, Uncle K, Becky, and Billy brought up some beds and a bunch of stuff from Amanda and others. We are very greatful. We have also had a lot donated by a very dear friend Rose Carter and her family. Thanks so much to everyone.

Well we have not heard anything yet about any placement meetings. Now Darrin and I know of 3 different sibling groups that our home study has been pulled to present to the placement committee. Two of the sibling groups that we know specifics about are off active status and put on hold for placement committee meeting. One specifically we have a huge shot at that is the group with their picture on the blog. I have to admit this is the hardest part for me especially during this whole journey of 3 years we have gone through. Simply because me personally, I am a person who sets goals to achieve and if I have a goal to go for with a specific point to get to especially with a time than I am much more stable yet with this situation you have no idea but wait for the CALL that can happen at any moment in any day. So I figured I would sit here and specifically thank some key people in our life.

* My Lord because he puts up with me through out the day going from giving thanks to Him to questioning why. He still shows me mercy and Grace.
* Darrin my husband- He truly is my dearest and best friend. Especially lately I have been an emotional wreck. When I call him in tears or need him to just listen He makes time for me and encourages me constantly when I seem to doubt. I am so proud and thankful for the new job God has truly blessed you with.
*Mom and Mike-Just like many of our friends and Family they have been with us each step of the way on this emotional roller coaster. Many of our close family and friends know of the major set backs we have had this past 6 months especially with health issues, job layoff for us both,and our financial issues. Thank you both for what you have done to help us get through this because you both have done alot behind closed doors that only you and us know about. If you hadn't we would not be here. Thank you so much.
*George and Cheryl-Thank you so much for the constant encouragement. There have been times when we seem so discouraged and you listen and encourage us both. Thank you.
*Aunt Pat and Uncle K-Thank you for what you have done for Darrin and I specifically. You have been a wonderfully support. Also Willing at the drop of a hat to bring us whatever we need for the kids. You are a Godsend.
*Becky-Thank you for constantly thinking of us and always keeping your ears peeled open for a child and trying to help us. Thank you for helping Aunt Pat with anything we need.
*Amy-Thank You so much for caring and calling. You are always checking up on us to make sure we are OK. You are huge help to me.
*Teri Neal Amanda Kelly Jimmy Kristy and all the other family-Thank you all for what you do. You all have helped in many many ways. Looking to give with what you have, encourage our situation. You all are appreciated so much.
*Stacey Simokat(Our Social Worker)- You are truly a God Send. I have heard and read so many horror stories about social workers who do not care or have time to deal with their parents. You have such a kind and compassionate heart for me. You take my calls and answer my questions no matter how many times I bug you to death. Even with your case load of more than 70 families you take the time for us. You stretch out your hand and comforting words with each day and seek out to persist when it seems you hit a brick wall with getting responses from the children's social worker. Thank you for your persistence.
*Jay and Robin-Thank you for caring about us and for trying to help with the search for children. It means so much. We love y'all so much and have enjoyed each time to the fullest y'all have been to stay with us. We apologize for not getting down there yet.
*Church Family and Friends- Thank you all so much for your constant support, prayers, understanding, and help.

*Other Family-Thank you for all those who keep up with us through our immediate family and pray and help in ways we do not know.

I know each of you are as excited, on edge, hopeful, waiting, eager for the children as we are.

As we find out any info we will keep you informed Love you all heaps and bunches


Well we actually started this journey February 2005. This is when we received a packet in the mail for no reason with pictures of children in the state system in need of adopted families. Now I will say that two days prior, my husband and I saw a billboard with a child's picture needing a forever family; this is what God used to spark the interest. That is when Darrin and I started discussing in extent about adoption. We spent alot of days together in prayer and seeking Gods confirmation. We did not want to walk into something just based on an emotion that would change. We needed to know this was God's purpose for us. We are unable to have children of our own; and honestly up to this point we were very content in our marriage. Then God decided this was the path He wanted us on. March of 2005 we contacted our local Department of Social Services and requested information. We had our application,fingerprints, references, pictures, along with background information finally turned in by May of 2005. So we have been on this journey for over 3 years. Now I must say 8 months was spent in building a house due to the trailer we lived in just would not pass all the fire codes. I must say God has taught us a great deal through this process. We have learned so much from the people God has put in our path to help us, encourage us, and pray for us. Most of all Darrin and I have become much more dependant on the Lord Jesus. It can be very discouraging at times than at others it can be the most rewarding thing you could experience. My husband has said we have been pregnant waiting on our children for such a long time that as they walk through our door for the first time we are not going to know how to act!

Meet our Dogs

Meet our Dogs:

The Black Dog is Cole. I guess you could say he is the lead.
The Brown Dog is Duke. I guess you could say he is the loyal but not very smart one.

Then there is LITTLE BIT. Yes you guessed it; she is the one under the covers on the couch. From her point of view she does not believe she is a dog.

Cole and Duke

Cole and Duke

Little Bit

Little Bit